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Holding a diploma in Photojournalism, Cathy Finch has been writing and photographing within the industry for over 20 years.  Having been published in many leading newspapers and magazines both in Australia and overseas, she has taken on many and varied tasks such as weekly newspaper columnist, submitted and written for Travel Guide Books, Maps, Tourism Billboards and Websites, together with supplying articles and images for outlets such as: Australian Geographic, Courier Mail, Sunday Mail, West Australian, Herald Sun, New York Times, APN newspapers, R.M. Williams Outback Magazine, Jetstar, OUTthere magazine, Tourism Queensland, RACQ, Holidays with Kids, Go Camping and many others. Browse a small selection of example published articles and images below.



  Windorah PDF Australian Geographic.pdf                                                       Big Red Run, Australian Traveller Magazine.pdf.pdf          




  Rafting the Franklin River, Tasmania.pdf                                                           Lady Elliot Island, Go Camping Mag.pdf           

  Rafting Franklin River, Tasmania, Part Two.pdf     


  Cape York Dancing, Wise Eyes entry.pdf                                                          Mission Beach - APN newspapers.pdf 



   Pilbara - Air North inflight magazine.pdf                       

   Raja Ampat Holiday with Kids by Cathy Finch.pdf 

   West Australian newspaper image by Cathy Finch.pdf 

   COVER shot - OUTthere mag.pdf 

   Flood Images published in Walkley magazine

   RACQ 150 Queensland Must-Do's-all website words written by Cathy Finch

   Photographer Toowoomba Cathy Finch Toowoomba Photography - Published Articles